Commercial Rental Guarantees

To ensure more flexibility with their cash flow, qualifying corporations have access to an On-Demand Guarantee as security for the lease of their commercial property. South African Guarantee Specialists, through our partnership with a Guarantor, facilitates guarantees in full, making provision for the transfer of the guarantee to a new Principle, if required, without any cost implications.

Innovative Capital Funding

South African Guarantee Specialists is proud to collaborate with ProfitShare Partners in facilitating rental guarantees to unlock value for corporate entities. Through Mutual & Federal Risk Financing, we facilitate the guarantee for commercial rental deposits that we consider ‘dead capital’ on corporate balance sheets.

Our disruptive funding partner, ProfitShare Partners, is a driver for SME growth. By unlocking value for the corporate, ProfitShare Partners facilitates the investment into ESD funding to extend the funding line for SME development and maximise the impact on corporate enterprise and supplier development spend.


Consolidated Rental Guarantees

Through our exclusive rental agency partners, South African Guarantee Specialists extends residential guarantees against the failure of the tenant to fulfill its lease obligations and for which the tenant is legally liable. This service is limited to selected agencies only.

Our vision is to seek alternative solutions to enable financial sustainability through non-traditional thinking.
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