Our System

The system has been designed specifically to cater for bonds and guarantees, customised for each requirement to eliminate errors.

Where guarantees may ordinarily take up to six months before clients receive the correct paperwork, SA Guarantee Specialists’ technology maintains a three to seven-day turnaround time.

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Requirements for Applications

Commercial Guarantee Facility in Three Steps:

Step 1

Clients apply for a facility before a specific guarantee for a lease agreement can be considered. The application is subject to a detailed analysis to establish the Applicant’s risk profile. The Broker provides the application form and the list of supporting documentation.

Step 2

South African Guarantee Specialists will perform credit checks with consent from the client, as the outcome of the credit checks will have an impact on the risk profile.

Step 3

Once the complete application form and supporting documents are received, clients are advised of the outcome of the application within 48 hours, including the facility value and appropriate terms applicable.

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